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6 Min Weekend fitness challenge:




For ea exercise do 20 Seconds Workout 10 Seconds Rest


A. Alternating Lunges

B. Squat Jumps

C. Reverse Crunches


4 rounds continuous for 6 min total workout.


Do this workout (3) times on Saturday & (3) times on Sunday,

all at once with 1 min rest b/w or at 3 separate times...



Good form, do not let knee get out in front of front foot. Notice the front leg is at a good 90°. Make sure you step out and don't tighten your stance



Don't jump too high at first. Try to land on the balls of your feet.


Modified version for beginners, just squat down, even just a little will engage your quads. Reach down and stand up with your arms high,



Rock your knees up towards your chin. Make sure your bottom comes up off the ground for each rep.


Squat Jumps

Reverse Crunch

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