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About Us

Cardio Strength Training is the foundation of our program and our

method of training is intended to create metabolic disturbance.


Each day should stimulate both your brain and your body and target every area of fitness, from cardio and muscular endurance, fat loss, weight loss, full body strength, agility, balance, flexibility, and mobility. 


If you are serious about getting in shape, improving your current level of fitness, or even challenging your existing workout regiment, our workouts are guaranteed to have results and help push you to improve your fitness goals.


"Nothing worth accomplishing is easy!"


The location of our current fitness program is evolving, new locations will be coming soon.

Thank you for your support...

Get and stay, Gung Ho Fit!



Small Group Training combines the individualized instruction of personal training with the community atmosphere of group fitness classes.


Whether your goal be to loose fat, gain muscle, increase strength and flexibility, boost your energy and endurance levels, or just increase your fitness involvement, our program makes for a great lower cost alternative to Personal Training, while still delivering the extra motivation and accountability that is enhanced by a small group environment.


  • Learn proper techniques and form

  • Break through plateaus with customized workout plans

  • Find motivation and support

  • Enhance awareness of your mind and body

  • Push yourself to the next level

  • Create balance to your workout

  • Expand your desire for better nutrition

  • Set goals and achieve them


Try us out for a week (Free), or take as long as you need.

If you do not find our program beneficial to your goals, then it's okay, but if you decide to commit, we're here to help you!


Our program will greatly improve your chances of attaining your fitness goals.


COST $ Free for now -  Per 6 Week Session / See Calendar



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