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Sustainable and Ever Changing...

The GungHoFitness Program

Our workouts currently change every (3) weeks. However, they are very much created with-in an overall concept that is (6) weeks long and a part of a program that is (12) weeks long.


Each workout takes into consideration the different muscle groups being targeted throughout the week and focusses on all of them from different angles and at different intensity levels. From a cardio vascular angle to strength training, our program is a "get you in shape" program, without a doubt.


At all times, we will also stress the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet that will complement our program to get maximum results.


Your workout routine is a very significant part of your health, especially if you value keeping the weight off and staying fit.

3 Practical Reasons One Should Switch Your Workout Routine Every So Often.

1. Guard against Injury:


While guarding against injury is not 100 percent supported by actual research, common sense still dictates that switching up your workout routine every so often can lead to a reduced chance of injuring yourself. Repeating the same routine over and over can lead to over training a particular joint or muscle group and possibly lead to injury. Know your limits and listen to your body. The last thing one wants, is an injury. That goes for our workouts as well.


2. Keep Yourself from Getting Bored


This reason may sound a little silly, but if you think about it, it makes all the sense in the world. This reason relates to human psychology, as people who are more interested in any given activity simply perform better and with more enthusiasm at it. This applies to your workout routine, as well, because if you lose interest in the same, monotonous routine, you will feel less encouraged to work out. Doing so will naturally lead to poorer health, so to guard against this chain reaction of feeling less enthused about working out, just switch out your workout routine every so often.


Our workouts should definitely guard you against the potential for boredom.


3. Increase the Challenge


The final practical reason for switching your routine every so often is to keep pushing yourself to new heights of challenges. We beleive that after about 3 weeks, you will be quite adapted to whatever workout you're doing. You will have learned the basics, which sets the stage perfectly for increasing the challenge factor since your body will then be more prepared to learn and try out new movements in the exercises. Switching up your routine can also be looked at as simply progressing to different stages of the same exercise. This progress ultimately makes you stronger, faster, tougher and in better shape.


Our program works! Give it a try!

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